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Marine Rigging

Marine Rigging is a department of Rigmaster (UK) Ltd. We are based in Southampton on the South Coast and provide all types of ropes, wire and rigging fittings, whether new or as a replacement for existing equipment. We manufacture both in-house and on-site. We are able to offer advice, project consultancy and project management for all aspects of rope and wire technologies, where required we will pay site visits to ascertain specifications and requirements. We offer free advice and will be pleased to provide a free no obligation quotation for your requirement.

If you have a requirement in any of our categories please email Marine Rigging(a department of Rigmasters (UK) Ltd ) on for a no obligation advice and quotation.

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For towing and mooring (shown here is a 120mm diameter mooring rope with chafe protector) we stock and supply all large range of chains, wires and ropes. From custom lengths ,spliced and finished to whole-sale reels of any type and any size.
The constant maintenance of marine navigation and data collecting equipment also involves  rigging work. Shown in the photo is rigging maintenance on a Ocean data boy which is operated by the Southampton Oceanography Centre .
Shore-site lifts with marine equipment are a common sight in our ports. The photo shows the preparations for the heavy lift of a 120 tonne section of the Isle of Wight ferry boarding-bridge in 2006.We carried out the ground positioning of the section and supplied the custom-made slings for the lift.
Mooring arrangements made up of weights,chains and ropes are widely used to secure vessels and other floating structures. Apart from 'standard' equipment for systems, we have also supplied and installed custom designed and fabricated "tide-floating" mooring systems, such as the one shown here installed (for Red Funnel Ferry at the Cowes mooring) in 2005.


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